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Soul Scorching Music from mims

By Kaushal On Monday, February 05, 2007 At 5:35 AM

As the music industry watches, unfazed, the rise and fall of many of its stars a budding star is again looming on the horizon. Mims music is what they call it. It is that genre of music, which comes from the many trials and tribulations that have marked the composers life, and the effect is soul scorching music. The creator mims has gone through much in his life with no father, a mother who died when he was thirteen and then uphill task of making a mark as a musician.

The phenomenon started with clubs and street music but once his single, “I did you Wrong” released in 2003, he got his share of the airwaves And this popularity landed him a tour with The Method Man which added to his fan base. This culminated in his second single “This is Why I'm Hot” being a chartbuster and gave him the confidence to bring out his first album “Music my Savior”. Now we know that it is truly the case. So hats off to the man who chose to follow his dreams even through the worst of adversities. This man is a must watch for 2007 and I am already keeping myself tuned to mims music.

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